Birthday / Debut Services

Welcome to Nice Occasion! Whether you are planning a whimsical birthday or an elegant event, Nice Occasion will create something unforgettably sweet for you and your guests. We want you to enjoy your event! We step in to make your party beautiful and effortless. Our Events Decorator in Davao pays attention to details, and will make your celebration exceptional and an expression of you and your thoughts. We will help you create a visually stunning party using our custom designs and decorations that will leave an everlasting impression!

We at Nice Occasion Event Planner in Davao will help you find the perfect venue for your party as per your budget, number of guests and any other necessities. Banquets, hotels, garden, pool side parties or terrace parties, we have the right place to suit your needs.

With the widest possible range of themes available with us, our Event Coordinator in Davao will you give an opportunity to you to find the most unique and extraordinary theme for your loved one. Themes on demand or specific themes for girls, boys and even for adults. As per the theme you select, we have collaborative and engaging activities for your guests. No one likes a boring party and we make sure that your party turn out to be the trendiest and your guests are entertained throughout.